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Hello! Do you know what pseudorandom numbers are? Pseudorandom numbers are often used instead of actual random numbers in many computerized statistical simulation methods (Monte Carlo methods). Consequently, pseudorandom number generators (prngs) are vital tools in such methods. Monte Carlo methods have been found to be very useful in a variety of situations. Pseudorandom number generators have other uses in addition to Monte Carlo methods.

However, not all algorithms for pseudorandom number generation from a specific random distribution are equally suitable for a given purpose. For example, some pseudorandom number generators perform much better than others on certain statistical tests of randomness, and some generators produce numbers much faster than others.

Pseudorandom number generators for the discrete uniform random number distribution have a special role in many simulations. Pseudorandom variates from the discrete uniform random number distribution are used in various techniques to simulate random numbers from a very wide variety of other statistical random number distributions; a few examples are the continuous uniform, normal, Student's t, chi-squared, F, Poisson, binomial, negative binomial, beta, gamma, exponential, and Weibull distributions.

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